Balatonszentgyörgy – The Western Gate of Balaton

General information

Starfortress Museum

8710 Balatonszentgyörgy
+36 20 334 7748

Peasant’s Home

8710 Balatonszentgyörgy, Csillagvár u. 68.
+36 20 224 1400
Openning: From spring to autumn, Thu-Sun: 10.00-17.00

Our southern neighbour, Balatonszentgyörgy is not situated directly on the lakeshore, but its favourable geographical position allows it to get more involved in tourism.


  • The Starfortress Museum got its name from its starlike shape. An architectural rarity, it is unique in Hungary. The fortress hiding in the forest of Balatonszentgyörgy offers the word’s first hussar doll museum, a vax museum representing medieval life, a petting zoo, a blacksmith museum, traditional Hungarian archery, and displays of traditional trades to its visitors.

  • The baroque, thatched Peasant’s Home houses exhibitions of a rural interior and the everyday lives of children in Somogy County based on ethnographical finds and documents.

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