Running on the shore of Lake Balaton

On new roads every day! Balatonberény and its surroundings provide especially varied routes for the lovers of leisurely strolls, easy jogging and long-distance running.

Within the fields of the village the promenade on the lakeside, which is a few kilometres long, invites you to a short walk or a pleasant jogging and after the active sport it gives you a chance for a refreshing bathing. It is worth walking up or even running up to one of the lookout points of the nearby vineyard for the unforgettable view. The road on our way is flanked with several-hundred-year-old thatched cellars, alluring orchards and endless rows of vine.

The ten kilometres long round trip, which passes through the neighbouring Balatonszentgyörgy, holds out promises of autochthonous Hungarian grey cattle, as well as a magnificent view overlooking Keszthely Bay and the Zala Hills. The closed forests of the nearby Bari Hill and Somosi Hill can rather be recommended to forest-goers and long-distance runners.

Those who prefer more serious challenges can take a sight on the marina of the neighbouring Balatonmáriafürdő, the bridge over the river Zala, the ruins of the Roman fortress in Fenékpuszta, or even on the town of Keszthely by the help of the bike route around Lake Balaton. On your way apart from your fellow cyclists you can only meet twittering birds, unspoiled forests, fields and meadows.

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