The richness in fish of the fishing waters stretching from the reeds of Balatonmáriafürdő to the firth of river Zala is due to the diverse shore and bed conditions, as well as the boat- and tourist traffic-free, quiet environment. Bait and give it a try!

There are many inshore bases of the active fishing lifestyle in Balatonberény, but without any doubt, the most significant of them is the sailboat and boat dock located in the centre of the long promenade. Here, you can virtually always meet old mates loading or unloading their boats or young beginners fishing for whitefish from small gang-boards. You can get the most accurate information about the current appetite and movement of fishes and you can often admire the results of a successful fishing, which can also be measured in kilos.

If you also would like to try your luck and would throw yourself into the deep end after asking for directions in the dock, then it is the most obvious to start baiting on the several kilometres long promenade of Balatonberény. Breams, crucian carps or even large king-carps can take the hook here. There are plenty of angling spots on the shore or in the shallow water.

If you rent a boat or set sail by a sailing boat, you can try to catch a huge carp, bighead carp, pike or catfish on the side of endless reeds or in the deeper water. Around the famous “hooks” of Balatonberény even the pike-perch, the king of fishes of Lake Balaton can get into your landing-net.

Of course, it is also possible that the old mate on the nearby gang-board catches fishes weighing several kilos one after the other, whereas you don’t even have a fish on. In this case, you can feel free to ask what the secret is. However, even if you will not be told the accurate recipe of the groundbait, you can be enriched with a few anecdotes of Lake Balaton or the picturesque view of the opposite shore.


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