Keszthely and its museums

General information

Balaton Museum

8360 Keszthely Múzeum u. 2.
+36 83 312 351

Georgikon Museum of Hungarian Agriculture

8360 Keszthely, Bercsényi u. 65-67.
+36 83 311-563

Museums in the centre of the town

8360 Keszthely, Kossuth L. u.
+36 83 31 8855, +36 30 855 6533

Our village is separated from Keszthely, the most important town of Western Balaton, only by the golden bridge glittering at sunset on Lake Balaton and a few kilometres of travelling. To visit the town is almost a must, because there are countless attractions, museums and colourful selection of programs and it also has significant shopping tourism.

To reach Keszthely, the capital of Lake Balaton, from Balatonberény it takes a 15 minutes’ drive or a 45 minutes’ comfortable bike ride. Visitors can everywhere bump into the town’s rich historical and architectural heritage. Be careful, because the town has such a special charm that it will captivate those for ever who once visit it.

One day is not even enough to visit all the museums, exhibitions and private collections. The most famous and significant tourist destination is the Helikon Castle Museum – better known as the Festetics Castle –, which awaits its visitors with more than five permanent and temporary exhibitions. You can spend hours at the exhibitions of Balaton Museum or Georgikon Hungarian Agriculture Museum, but visiting dozens of private collections, located in the centre of the town, can also provide visitors with special cultural historical experiences.

Keszthely is also the cultural and entertainment centre of the western basin of Lake Balaton. The visitors of the town can meet a variety of programs, theatrical performances, concerts, festivals and culinary events during the tourist season and afterwards. The younger age group can party in bars, discos and pubs until dawn.

The tourists who roam the town on foot can have a rest under the hundreds of years old shady trees of the castle park and Helikon park or on the benches of the promenades of the renewed Main Square and lake shore, which are lined with waterworks and fountains.

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