Keszthely hills

General information

Balaton-felvidéki National Park Directorate

8229 Csopak, Kossuth utca 16.
+36 87 555 260

Put on your boots, bring out your bike, put a water bottle into your backpack and the hiking can begin! One of the most diverse geographical formations of the Balaton Uplands is the Keszthely Hills, which offers a variety of active recreational opportunities to the lovers of nature.

The Keszthely Hills, which is almost entirely covered by contiguous forest, is the destination that is located closest to our village and is widely favoured by tourists. It is rich in natural resources and has special flora and fauna. In this wonderful environment you can find renovated look-out towers, natural caves and trickling ghylls and it is often visited by hikers and mountain bikers.

Thanks to its favourable topographical facilities, it is recommended even both to families with small children or older nature lovers to discover the treasures of Keszthely Hills. Walking along the trails encompassing the whole hill range visitors can discover many beautiful and unique natural and architectural heritage ranging from the Castle of Rezi to the Castle of Tátika, from the Berzsenyi look-out tower to the Csodabogyó (Knee-holly) Cave and from the Saint Nicholas fountain to the Bazaltutca (Basalt road). At the established rest areas and fire making places there can be occasion to eat the food and snacks packed in the backpack, and the cool water of the springs can serve as freshener.

But don’t forget about the diverse flora and fauna surrounding you in the course of your trip. Eye- and soul-catching flowers, which are changing in every season, and also insects can cross your path, besides you can meet the games of the forest several times, you can also taste wild strawberries or you can fill your basket with tasty mushrooms full to the brim. Information boards located on the educational paths help the orientation in the world of forest creatures as well as in the hills.

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