A holiday in Balatonberény holds a lot of adventure and experiences in store for the youngest to the oldest age groups. The village and its immediate and wider environment offers rich program opportunities to the fans of active lifestyle and also to the culture and nature enthusiasts.

Sights of BalatonberénySights of BalatonberényThe Gothic Church and the natural specialties of the shore of Lake Balaton and the vineyard are attractions, over which visitors might pass without paying attention. However, it is a meaningful recreation to roam around Balatonberény focusing on these sights and specialties.
Balatonszentgyörgy – The Western Gate of BalatonBalatonszentgyörgy – The Western Gate of BalatonOur southern neighbour, Balatonszentgyörgy is not situated directly on the lakeshore, but its favourable geographical position allows it to get more involved in tourism.
Festetics CastleFestetics CastleThe Festetics Castle is one of the most famous and the third largest castles in Hungary and it is the most popular tourist attraction in Keszthely.
Running on the shore of Lake BalatonRunning on the shore of Lake BalatonOn new roads every day! Balatonberény and its surroundings provide especially varied routes for the lovers of leisurely strolls, easy jogging and long-distance running.
HévízHévízLake Hévíz, the largest thermal lake in Europe and one of the most famous spa resorts in Hungary, can be found north-west of Lake Balaton, barely 20 kilometres away from Balatonberény.
Hollád – Embrace of Forests and FieldsHollád - Embrace of Forests and FieldsHollád is a small village of 300 on the north-western edge of Somogy County.
AnglingAnglingThe richness in fish of the fishing waters stretching from the reeds of Balatonmáriafürdő to the firth of river Zala is due to the diverse shore and bed conditions, as well as the boat- and tourist traffic-free, quiet environment. Bait and give it a try!
Kehida Termal ResortKehida Termal ResortKehidakustány, which is only a half an hour’s drive away from Balatonberény, is located in the northern part of County Zala, on both banks of the river Zala.
Cycling on the shore of Lake BalatonCycling on the shore of Lake Balaton If you can finally get away from everyday life, have the opportunity to relax and if you would spend your free time with active recreation, spring into the saddle, as cycling is the best solution to it.
Keszthely and its museumsKeszthely and its museumsOur village is separated from Keszthely, the most important town of Western Balaton, only by the golden bridge glittering at sunset on Lake Balaton and a few kilometres of travelling.
Keszthely hillsKeszthely hillsPut on your boots, bring out your bike, put a water bottle into your backpack and the hiking can begin! One of the most diverse geographical formations of the Balaton Uplands is the Keszthely Hills, which offers a variety of active recreational opportunities to the lovers of nature.
Kis-BalatonKis-BalatonThe bird sanctuary, which is outstanding even in European level, 200 years ago was one of the bays of Lake Balaton, where steamboats ran.
Marcali Spa and Leisure CentreMarcali Spa and Leisure CentreMarcali is located south of Lake Balaton, it is about a 15 minutes’ drive from our village. One of its main attractions is the Spa and Leisure Centre, which was opened in 2003.
Tikos – Embrace of Forests and FieldsTikos - Embrace of Forests and FieldsTikos can be found northwest of Marcali between Főnyed and Hollád.
Vörs – The Capital of Kis-BalatonVörs – The Capital of Kis-BalatonVörs is situated near the famous wetlands of Kis-Balaton. The village is ideal for tourism because of the absence of transit traffic, the quiet environment and famous attractions.
Spa ZalakarosSpa ZalakarosThe small resort town is situated 30 kilometres away from our village, in the south-western part of County Zala. It was made internationally well-known by its thermal bath operating for 45 years.

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