Free beach

The picturesque and free beach of Balatonberény is a long shore indented by reeds, tiny islands and bays, which runs from the sports ground as far as the fields of the village about 2 kilometres long.

It is a rarity around Lake Balaton to have such a natural form treasure–rich shoreline as the Free Beach of Balatonberény. The visitors can meet brooks, tiny islands, reefs, reeds and sandy bays on the several acres sized land that attracts to long strolls and is indented by groves. The view, which lets you see the area from Keszthely Bay to Badacsony, forms such a background that really makes you feel yourself on the island of tranquillity.

Crowdedness is unfamiliar with the bathers using the spacious, well-kept green area. The shoreline is easily and quickly accessible by car and bike from numerous small service roads, and parking is free. A free public toilet has been established in the central area. Steps and smaller bathing platforms make it easier to access the water.

The environment is perfect for sports. On the green area of the shore there is plenty room for playing soccer, badminton or even Frisbee. In the shallow water even the youngest can safely practice swimming, while older people can polish up their surf, kite-surf or sailing skills if the weather is suitable.

Anglers occupy the shoreline rich in fish at dawn and late in the evening. The fans of open-water fishing set sail from the marina and boat yard that can be found in the area. Csicsergő (Squirk) Island is located in the middle of the free beach. It is a real bird paradise where it is worth spending a few hours with a camera hoping for a special bird photo.



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